Cumberland Sand And Gravel Products

Birdseye (5mm) #06
Used for bedding pipe in wet conditions as well as backfill within foundation with wet conditions. This material will drain well and self compact. Used in certain applications when building septic fields. Great for use in animal stalls because it has great drainage and less dust than washed sand. Can be used as a base for children's play areas as it will provide a soft landing if placed deep enough.

3/8" Pea Gravel (10mm) #07
This washed rock is a well draining material that is used for decorative landscaping ideas. Used for concrete design(eg. exposed concrete finish). Also used for children's play areas, backfill for inside foundations in wet conditions. Used for drain field applications when building septic fields. Can also be used in children's play areas. Used in Tar & gravel roofing.

1/2" Washed Drain Rock (20mm) #08
Usually used for perimeter drains, decorative landscaping and for concrete mix. Well draining material.

1 1/2" Minus Drain Rock (40mm) #09
This is a well draining, washed rock that has a variety of rock sizes. Used for perimeter drains, landscaping and in some concrete mix.

Spawning Gravel #22
Special blend of gravel and various rock sizes, used for fish bearing streams.
Note: This product must be ordered in advance.

Washed Bedding Sand #04
Used for bedding pipe and electrical cables. Also used for backfill in foundations prior to pouring concrete slab. It is used for riding rings, chicken coops, and mixed with soil to help loosen hard packing soils.

C-33 Septic Sand #28
Fine Washed sand used when building new drain fields.

Playfield Sand #21
Can be used for riding rings and is also used as a foundation when laying paving stones.

3/4" Grey Chip #14
Used as a decorative finish for driveways and pathways. The fractired rock has fines still mixed with in them.

3/4" Clear Crush #30
This is a fractured stone made of washed rock and can be used for decorative landscaping and pathways. It can also be used for the base of fence posts as the cractured stone will bind together, holding the post in place as well as help keep water from the post and slow the process of the wood decaying.

3/4" Road Crush #12
MOT Spec road crush, used for prep prior to paving or concrete for areas such as roads, driveways, sidewalks, paving stones, vlock or rock wells etc. Anything that needs great compaction.

1 1/2" Road Crush #11
This is a cheaper alternative that can be used for any application that you would use the 3/4" Road Crush, unless the job requires an engineered specific aggregate, This is an excellent packing material.

Cart Path #23
Excellent Hard packing material used for pathways that do not require drainage. Used in areas such as the Courtenay Air Park for easy access by hikers, joggers, rollerbladding, wheelchairs etc..

Bank Pit Run #01
Well draining material that is great for filling in large holes. Compact in lifts. Will contain various rock sizes that are not usually larger then 8".

Blended Pit Run #03
A great packing material used for roads, driveways and areas that will require more material prior to capping with road crush.

3" Minus Pit Run #02
This is manufactured through the crusher on site and is a blend of material no greater than 3", including some fractured rock. Excellent packing material and easy to work with.

Navvy Jack #18
Special blend of rock and sand used for making concrete.